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JETNET Releases February 2013 Pre-Owned Business Jet and Business Turboprop Aircraft and Helicopter Market Information

JETNET, a leading provider of corporate aviation information and a member of the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA), recently released February 2013 results for the pre-owned business jet, business turboprop and helicopter markets. For-sale worldwide trends across all aircraft market segments, comparing February 2013 with the previous February, show the fleet-for-sale percentages in all market … Continued

A Tour in the Alps

Thinking about chartering a private jet to go skiing this winter?  Don’t let the lack of snow in the U.S. ruin your plans.  Instead, consider skiing somewhere magical like the French Alps!  France’s Rhone Alps offer some of the best skiing in Europe, not to mention a scenery that is unparalleled.  May I suggest a … Continued

Two Reasons to Charter a Business Jet

The following are two reasons why chartering a private executive jet makes good business sense: Save time – Chartered business jet passengers will save more time during departure by having direct access to the aircraft instead of waiting in long lines at the airport security screenings.  The jet operates on your schedule rather than vice … Continued

The Importance of Giving Back

What’s the most important thing for a company in today’s economy?  Ask that question to 100 people, and I bet you get the same answer: the bottom line.  While I tend to agree, I do feel that the importance of “giving back” should be right there at the top of the list.  In today’s busy … Continued

Which option makes sense for you (Buy, Lease, or Charter?)

For a person who makes frequent short-duration trips, or multiple stops during trips, buying or leasing an aircraft may make sense because such a person would benefit both from time-savings over commercial flights, and complete flexibility related to length of stay. For a person who travels infrequently or tends to have long layovers at a … Continued

Hawaiian Time

Tired of the cold?  Why not consider a trip to tropical Hawaii this winter.  The Hawaiian Islands average a very pleasant 82 degrees during the months of January thru March, and there is no place more relaxing and old Hawaiiana than historic Haleiwa town, located on the North Shore of Oahu. Haleiwa is famous for … Continued

Coffee, Tea or….. No, I Don’t Thinks So….

What exactly is the job of a corporate flight attendant?  This topic has been debated by many a charter company , aircraft owner and corporate aviation passenger.  The answer is quite simple, really.  If properly trained by a company such as F.A.C.T.S or Flight Safety, the flight attendant can be a positive addition to any … Continued

Eyes Wide-Open When Buying an Aircraft

We often receive calls from potential buyers about aircraft we are selling or to discuss our acquisition services.  Many of them believe that charter revenue can pay for the use of their own aircraft.  Other times we hear from disenfranchised owners who want to sell because the actual cost to own and operate their aircraft … Continued

Acquiring an Aircraft?… Better Put On Your “Broker Face”…

Buying a used aircraft can be both an exciting and frustrating adventure for the first-time buyer, especially when attempting to purchase exclusive lines such as Gulfstream or Bombardier. Going through an aircraft broker can make buying a used jet relatively painless. Aircraft brokers have resources and connections available to them which makes procuring an exclusive or … Continued

Flying on a Business Jet: Does it really save money????

Imagine avoiding commercial airport TSA security lines, flying to an airport near your place of business, and traveling in comfort. These are some of the standard advantages a business charter operator might use to describe the benefits of corporate aviation.  While all of these are persuasive, I think there is a more important and far … Continued

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