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Cristobal Aircraft Brokerage is an Aircraft Charter Brokerage Company. As a broker, we don’t own or operate our own aircraft. This gives us the distinct advantage of having abundantly more aircraft at our disposal, than a charter operator who only uses their standard fleet.


  • We will arrange your choice of aircraft to meet you at any location to take you to any destination, worldwide, at a moment’s notice.
  • 24 hour customer concierge services to ensure your trips goes smoothly.


  • All aircraft in our network are either Wyvern and or Argus approved charter operators.
  • The safety of passengers and crew are a primary consideration on every flight. A pre-flight briefing with specific recommendations for security measures is available on all flights. Your flights will be tracked and monitored throughout your trip. The crews are notified immediately of changing world conditions that could affect your safety.

  • We guarantee all the aircraft and flight crews provided are prescreened to ensure they are in strict compliance with all FAA regulations
  • English-speaking agents can be arranged to meet your aircraft at most international destinations in order to assist passengers through immigration/customs and escort them to pre-arranged ground transportation. Qualified security drivers and executive protection are assigned upon request.


  • All aircraft are equipped with a medical hotline for crewmembers and passengers. One telephone number connects callers day or night, around the world, with a certified emergency care physician who is specially trained to give a remote diagnosis in order to provide emergency care.


  • Trusted by aircraft owners worldwide
  • Over 18 years of focus, exclusively on corporate aviation.
  • Surpassing standards of the world’s most experienced and demanding travelers


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