Buying a business jet is a complex, highly-specialized process. For a smooth, confident purchase, we encourage you to add Cristobal Aircraft Brokerage’s knowledge and experience to your acquisition team.

Together with your legal and financial advisors, your Cristobal Aircraft Brokerage acquisitions representative will help you establish priorities and requirements, evaluate and compare aircraft, prepare an offer, and close your transaction.

Cristobal Aircraft Brokerage contributes an owner’s perspective, an operator’s knowledge and years of business aviation experience. Put all of this to work for you. Call Cristobal Aircraft Brokerage to assist with your next aircraft acquisition.


  • Where do you fly? How often, and with how many other passengers?
  • What is your budget? Have you evaluated full ownership against fractional-ownership, leasing, membership and charter options?
  • What are your finance, exchange, depreciation, taxation and timing considerations?


  • Aircraft markets are cyclical: what is their current status and momentum?
  • What is the recent bid, ask and sale price history? What percent of the fleet is for sale? Is availability increasing or decreasing?
  • How do other available aircraft compare?
  • Which aircraft type best meets your requirements? Are there suitable alternatives? What total costs of ownership and operation should you anticipate?
  • What is the market value of your preferred aircraft? What alternatives are available for successive offers, if necessary?


  • Planning – Aircraft selection, offer sequencing, negotiation planning
  • Offer – Letter of intent, proposing price and terms, response to counteroffers, negotiation and deposit processes
  • Contract – Negotiating a definitive purchase agreement with warranties, representations and conditions
  • Inspection – Selecting a pre-purchase facility, defining scope of work, standards and aircraft positioning
  • Acceptance – remediation or renegotiation, deposit commitment
  • Closing – Delivery, documentation, administration and ownership

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