Coffee, Tea or….. No, I Don’t Thinks So….

What exactly is the job of a corporate flight attendant?  This topic has been debated by many a charter company , aircraft owner and corporate aviation passenger.  The answer is quite simple, really.  If properly trained by a company such as F.A.C.T.S or Flight Safety, the flight attendant can be a positive addition to any part 91 or 135 operation.  They are indeed there, primarily, for the safety of the passengers.  That said, I will admit that most passengers believe that they are there for their comfort.

In my experience in corporate aviation, I have had the pleasure of knowing some excellent flight attendants.  I have also had the misfortune of having to put up with some real pieces of work.  I will stay away from discussing the safety training of a corporate flight attendant, because that should be a given.  What I will peruse with you is what should be mandatory on the service side.

Corporate aviation passengers are paying thousands of dollars an hour to ride on a corporate jet and  Flight attendants, on an average, are making 50,000 plus a year (some make six figures).   For that amount of money, I believe that a passenger should expect top notch service( when I say service, I mean good, clean service, not back massages).  The flight attendant should always use fine linens and china when the flight times are permitting.  Food should be presented in a manner consistent to fine dining, with extra garnishes, condiments etc…Food should be of the best quality and home-made.  Under no circumstance should a flight attendant be offering Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies or Save Mart brownies!!!  When sandwiches are requested, the flight attendant should purchase luncheon meats, condiments, an assortment of sliced cheeses and breads, and should make each sandwich to order.  If I’m on a GV from LA to NYC, and I’m paying 75,000 dollars, I don’t  want a soggy sandwich or a cold bagel.

The flight attendant should also make sure that the aircraft be stocked with a variety of the most recent periodicals, newspapers, vanity items, snacks, beverages and movies.  The aircraft should be spotless, and kept up during the flight.  The flight attendant her or himself should be well groomed and well spoken.  They should know when to be available and when to make themselves scarce.

Unfortunately, there are far too many charter operators out there that are scrimping where the flight attendants are concerned.  The flight attendant is the link between the client and the charter company and should be one of the most important aspects of a charter flight.  I believe that this is a main part in setting apart the best from the rest.  At Cristobal Aircraft Brokerage, we personally interview each flight attendant that will be working on our charter flights.  We make sure that our clients are getting the safest and best service available in corporate aviation.  Excellence is the only option.

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