Five Years On, G650 Still ‘Top of Market’ Bizjet

More than 250 Gulfstream G650/650ERs have been delivered globally since the the G650 achieved FAA type certification five years ago, the Savannah, Georgia-based company said yesterday. When the ultra-long-range, wide-cabin business jet was launched in March 2008, it had one of business aviation’s most successful product launches, with more than 200 firm orders following the aircraft’s introduction.

With a nonstop range of 7,000 nm/12,964 km, the aircraft established a position at the top end of the business jet market, which it retains today, according to industry experts. “Gulfstream leadership was prescient, identifying a ‘top of the market’ opportunity that they were uniquely positioned to seize,” said JetNet iQ managing director Rolland Vincent. “The G650 is a transformational aircraft for Gulfstream as it continues a multi-year transition to all-new platforms.”

Gulfstream president Mark Burns said, “The G650 set a new standard in business aviation” for its range and payload, low cabin sound levels and four-zone cabin. “It has redefined what business jet operators could expect from their aircraft,” he said.

The G650 also is the fastest non-supersonic aircraft to circumnavigate the globe, having flown westbound around the world in a record-setting 41 hours and 7 minutes and claiming 22 city-pair speed records along the way. In total, the G650 and G650ER have set 65 city-pair records. The G650 also earned the 2014 Robert J. Collier Trophy.

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