Global 7000 Program on Track as Third Aircraft Flies

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The third flight-test Global 7000, FTV3, completed a 4-hour, 10-minute maiden flight yesterday from Toronto Downsview Airport, where Bombardier Aerospace assembles the ultra-long-range business jet. Piloted by Logan Lamping and Derek Thresher, the twinjet—registered C-GLBX—reached FL510 and 320 knots during the mission. Flight-test engineers Duane Moore and Matthew DiMaiolo were also on board.

According to Bombardier, FTV3 joins a flight-test program that has been demonstrating “excellent system reliability” since getting under way in November. “We are pleased that our flight-test vehicles have been showing a high degree of maturity,” said Michel Ouellette, senior vice president of the Global 7000 and 8000 programs. “Our test program’s development and certification schedule is on track…for certification in 2018 as we accumulate more flight hours.”

FTV3 will be used to test the Global 7000’s avionics and electrical system performance. The aircraft is outfitted with the full Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion suite, complete with synthetic vision system, and a dual head-up display.

Bombardier expects to transfer FTV3 to its flight-test center in Wichita “as soon as possible.” There it will join FTV1, which continues to expand the performance envelope of the Global 7000, and FTV2, which is now conducting icing testing.

In all, five flight-test vehicles will be used for the Global 7000 program, culminating in certification next year. Entry into service is planned for the second half of next year.

In parallel to the flight-test program, Bombardier is completing testing on the Global 7000 interior test rig, which simulates real-world flexing and bending conditions of the fuselage with interiors installed. “We have successfully validated the aircraft interior installation process for all cabin elements destined for the fourth FTV,” the Canadian aircraft manufacturer said. “In addition, ground testing continues with several test rigs to ensure all systems operate with the highest level of reliability when the aircraft enters into service.”

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