The Importance of Giving Back

What’s the most important thing for a company in today’s economy?  Ask that question to 100 people, and I bet you get the same answer: the bottom line.  While I tend to agree, I do feel that the importance of “giving back” should be right there at the top of the list.  In today’s busy marketplace, it is easy to be mono-focused on profit, but it is a solid fact that companies who “spread the wealth” tend to be more successful than those who are tight fisted.

Why do you think this is?  Well, it is a combination of many factors.  First and foremost, companies who donate to charities are more aware of what if going on around them.  Studies show  that philanthropy gives personal satisfaction and a more positive minded workplace.  It also is a civic responsibility and shows  the busness’ community that they are a good corporate citizen.  Company morale is also improved by philanthropic giving.  It shows that the company cares thus giving the employees further piece of mind that they too are valued.

Companies are starting to be more innovative when it comes to giving.  The boss isn’t simply just writing a check, but employees and executives as a whole are getting more involved.  Companies may now offer charitable days where an employee may volunteer at an organization, yet still get paid by their employer.  Companies are also setting up foundations where they give a portion of their profit to people in need.  Companies may even go as far as lending their top executives to serve on behalf of a charity’s board of trustees allowing them to share their business expertise.

At Cristobal Aircraft Brokerage, a portion of every trip goes to a foundation called The Christmas Cottage.  This foundation provides Christmas gifts for Foster children.  Most of these foster children are living in group homes away from their families and siblings.  The children range from newborns to 18 years old.  Christmas is already a difficult time of year for these families, but it is extremely lonely as well.  Being able to let these children know that they are loved and that someone cares to fulfill a Christmas wish for them is  demonstrative of the season and extremely rewarding.

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