Two Reasons to Charter a Business Jet

The following are two reasons why chartering a private executive jet makes good business sense:

Save time – Chartered business jet passengers will save more time during departure by having direct access to the aircraft instead of waiting in long lines at the airport security screenings.  The jet operates on your schedule rather than vice versa.  You set the departure time according to your needs. It is possible to conduct a meeting in the early afternoon and still be home in time for dinner, allowing you to be back to work the following morning.

Security – Can you imagine discussing sensitive corporate data or a company’s competitive intelligence on a commercial aircraft, with prying ears all around? Chartering a private business jet provides an improved level of security not found on most commercial airlines. When you fly on a chartered business jet, the entire jet is yours, not just one seat. You can be confident in the safety of sensitive business information. You won’t have to worry about why the guy in the seat behind you is frantically scribbling away in a notebook as your meeting is going on. With the rise of corporate espionage, the value of private jet charters keeps rising. Call Cristobal Aircraft Brokerage at (800) 408-0455 for your next charter flight.

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