Which option makes sense for you (Buy, Lease, or Charter?)

For a person who makes frequent short-duration trips, or multiple stops during trips, buying or leasing an aircraft may make sense because such a person would benefit both from time-savings over commercial flights, and complete flexibility related to length of stay. For a person who travels infrequently or tends to have long layovers at a single destination, chartering may be more appropriate. Chartering provides the convenience of a private flight without the direct expense of employing a flight crew, and without the capital costs of owning an asset that will be idle more often than not. For business owners who require use of a private aircraft for both business and personal travel, another option is to have the company buy a plane, then treat personal use as a fringe benefit. In this case, the business owner benefits from the conveniences of ownership, while the company takes advantage of the tax deductions for the depreciation and operating expenses associated with a business asset.

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