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Acquiring an Aircraft?… Better Put On Your “Broker Face”…

Buying a used aircraft can be both an exciting and frustrating adventure for the first-time buyer, especially when attempting to purchase exclusive lines such as Gulfstream or Bombardier. Going through an aircraft broker can make buying a used jet relatively painless. Aircraft brokers have resources and connections available to them which makes procuring an exclusive or … Continued

Flying on a Business Jet: Does it really save money????

Imagine avoiding commercial airport TSA security lines, flying to an airport near your place of business, and traveling in comfort. These are some of the standard advantages a business charter operator might use to describe the benefits of corporate aviation.  While all of these are persuasive, I think there is a more important and far … Continued

For Sale “Make Offer”

The idea of an asking price is an interesting conversation in our industry.  Some people use them.  Others say “Make Offer”.  Many people believe that if you just say “Make Offer” a prospective buyer will have to call you to ask about the price and you will have a chance to engage them.  We, however, … Continued

Chartering a Business Aircraft Is More Cost Effective Than You Think

You would think that with the rising price of oil, nobody would be renting charter aircraft. And yet business jet charters remain very popular, and even economical. Of course, they are not economical for everybody, but if you are a top executive, carrying on business while you fly around the country or around the globe … Continued

The Aircraft Charter Business Is On The Rise.

If a company is not large enough to own its own business jet, rather than flying their CEO’s first-class, or even executive-class, on commercial flights in the public eye and within public hearing range, the increasing trend for small to mid-sized companies is to charter a private jet. It may sound more expensive at first, … Continued

Two Reasons to Charter a Business Jet?

The following are two reasons why chartering a private executive jet makes good business sense: Save time – Chartered business jet passengers will save more time during departure by having direct access to the aircraft instead of waiting in long lines at the airport security screenings.  The jet operates on your schedule rather than vice … Continued

Finding the right aircraft that fits your budget and your lifestyle

If you have dreamed of owning a private jet aircraft then the time is right for you to make the choices that reflect who you are. It does not have to be an exorbitantly expensive exercise. You can start by investing in a used aircraft. Whatever your reasons for wanting to possess a jet aircraft, … Continued

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